What it means to be successful and how to get there

////What it means to be successful and how to get there

What it means to be successful and how to get there

What is success? I distinctly remember my High School Headmaster posing this question to us during our A Level farewell party all those years ago. There he was a man whose head was peppered with grey hair who seemed to have all the answers yet on this he expressed genuine bewilderment.

Our blog is named Success Africa so you can be sure that we preoccupied with the word. Our aim is of course help other people be successful whatever that means to them. To us success involves figuring out what you want, defining your goals and working to achieve them.

Never mind what other people think

One of the reasons why people end up being unhappy and unsuccessful is that they care too much what other people think. A lot of people choose a field of study, subjects they want to write, a house they want to buy, their friends, schools they attend etc based on what their friends, family, parents and colleagues say and think.

Now there are always people who are stakeholders in your life. You have to listen to your parents, friends and colleagues wherever possible but the final decision of what you want to be rests with you and you alone.

Take time to define and think about your goals

One of the reasons why you end up sacrificing your goals and pursuing other people’s dreams as your own is because you never seat down and define what you want to be. Your kith and kin would more persuaded that you are on the right track if you yourself knew where you are going.

It is never too late or too early to define what you want to be. We all remember the goals we had kids. I wanted to be a scientist. It was more an expression of desire for even though I had a vague idea of what a Scientist did I had no idea how to become one. Whatever happened to that thought?

Knowing where you want to go helps you get there

Figuring out exactly what you want to be helps you to get there. Having life goals gives purpose to your life otherwise life becomes a meaningless existence. We all need a reason to get up in the morning. We need an anthem, a pledge to ourselves that we have to keep otherwise you are going to waste years.

Once you have purpose a road will appear before you. It will become clearer and clearer as you plod along on it, occasionally you will stray from it as inevitably happens when life gets in your way.  It is however easy to get back on it because you know where you are going.

Achievement brings happiness

Being successful brings happiness if you are not happy you are not successful no matter how much money you have. Successful people tend to live stable financial lives but having money does not mean you are successful.

What is success?

I have forever been a private person and so I never raised my hand when the question of what is success was thrown to us. I remember however jotting down my definition of success there and then because I like to figure out these problems:

Success is perpetual contentment stemming from within essentially arising as a result of realization of preconceived goals.

Yes that’s exactly what I wrote and yes I have always been that smart. To me that remains the very definition of success.

In conclusion

To be successful:

  1. Figure out what you, not other people, want to be
  2. Plot a course to that/those goal(s)
  3. Persevere on that path
  4. Happiness will meet you at the finish line

Now go out and be successful.


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