#Advice Things you should never do after a break up

This site will be retired soon One of the wonderful things about growing up is that eventually you are going to be in a relationship. For most people this usually happens in high school. These relationships can be quite intense and sometimes you might even meet your first love. That is a wonderful experience until it ends. You see [...]

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Hygiene habits that keep your confidence

Teenage years are associated with puberty which causes all kinds of changes to our bodies. While on the plus side, it means we are finally developing into adulthood, this period can be very confusing and challenging. Hair growing in new places, sweaty feet and greasy skin and hair all mean that you have to up your game in the hygiene [...]

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Athletics: That Dreaded Sport.

The first school term is probably one most dreaded by many students- because of the athletics. I for one did not particularly like the sport and could be found ditching it a lot. I'm sure that it still happens a lot in schools with students making up a lot of "illness" just to get excused from the running. For those [...]

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