Justified or not we really think the timing of the ZIMSEC English Paper 2 rewrite is a stupid idea that was not well thought out at all. A cursory look at the logistics involved and the hardship candidates will have to endure merely confirms this.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights cleary agrees with this assessment. They have partnered with with Justice for Children’s Trust to help two parents Messrs Victor Mukomeka and Chingasiyeni Govhati who are taking the Minister of Education and ZIMSEC to court.

In their urgent application to the High Court the two parents are seeking to have the decision to have the exam by the Minister rewritten annulled and set aside. Mr Mavima is being accused of making an illegal decision as only ZIMSEC and not the Minister of Education can annul results according to Section 34 of the Education Act.

Valid questions on constituationality

Through their lawyers the parents question why if cheating was identified last year during the examination itself the Minister and ZIMSEC waited so long to take remedial action. They argue that the irrationality of such a decision and the costs to be further incurred by parents and their children borders on unconstitutional and they may be onto something.

ZIMSEC and the Ministry continues to ignore stakeholders

The decision, justified or not, continues a culture started by Enias Chigwedere and Lazarus Dokora the former Ministers of Primary and Secondary Education where they make drastic decisions with little to no consultation with relevant stakeholders.

It’s not just students and parents who are livid at this decision. It has drawn the ire of teachers and schools as well. The Progressive Teacher’s Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) have vehemently protested the drastic action calling it “certainly ill-conceived and inappropriate.”

Schools are also being forced to cater for last year’s candidates and bear the cost and burden. It is not clear how the government is going to compensate them if at all.