After the current Minister of Primary and Secondary Education shocked the country by explaining that all last year ZIMSEC candidates were going to rewrite the English paper, the examination board has explained how the process will work.

The paper will be printed on Monday

One of the reasons why the paper leaked was because a lot of people had access for to it for too long. There were so many people with access it is not easy to determine who leaked the paper at all. It is indeed possible that there were multiple leaks from various individuals with access.

Zimsec director Mr Esau Nhandara has said that security has been tightened and revamped to prevent the leaking of this paper and others in future. this has done little to stem the crescendo of voices calling for his head and the heads of people at the board where leaks have become something of a norm.

Also the paper is being printed and this process is supposed to end on Monday 12 February. The paper will be delivered to the various centers around 8:00 AM on the day of the examination. The exam is set to begin at exactly 10:00 AM on 16 February.

More security measures

Candidates are required to verify that the papers come in a sealed envelope that the examiners have to open before them. If seals are broken candidates can call a ZIMSEC hotline and report this immediately.

Also candidates are writing this exam under their old candidate numbers as it would take too long to issue new ones. Once scripts have been collected at the end of the examination all scripts must be in ZIMSEC custody by 2:30 PM on the same day. Certain suspect schools will conduct the process under armed guard.


Students who were boarders last year can go back and expect overnight accommodation at these schools. This will come with a limited set of meals. Such an arrangement is important as some boarding schools are located in remote areas meaning travel to and from them cannot be done on the day of the exam.

Day scholars can go back to the schools they attended. A number of students who were proven to be cheats are barred from taking this examination and this has already been communicated to them said the director.

The need to resit

According to Mr Nhandara there only became aware of the extensive cheating levels during the marking and tallying of results process. The cheating was so extensive it undermined the entire result for the paper. Also as the paper tests different linguistic skills from Paper 1 it was simply not possible to use the first paper as the basis of results.