So in case you have somehow missed the news: The High Court has stopped the ZIMSEC madness. Last year candidates will no longer be required to rewrite the English Paper 2 exam which was scheduled for today.

The story of a mad Examination board and an intransigent Minister

Last year’s candidates who wrote the English Exam no doubt had a terrible week. When everyone was expecting the examination body ZIMSEC to release the results we have been all waiting for the board had other ideas. Out of the blue they ordered English Paper 2 to be rewritten.

We thought that was stupid and unfair. Everyone with a brain thought is was stupid and unfair. Yet it seemed ZIMSEC was willing to put 260 000 innocent students through the mincer just so they could correct a mistake of their own making. In a High Court case that ensued it was revealed despite all the major leaks and the rewrite no one at ZIMSEC had been held accountable.

While the goons at ZIMSEC were willing to give themselves a pass they wanted to punish innocent students who had done nothing wrong. Parents were being required to go through considerable expense to help their children prepare and go to an examination that they had written more than 3 months ago.

High Court saves the day

In the end the two judges who presided over the case brought by two concerned parents in conjunction with Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights agreed. The rewrite was as stupid as we all thought it was especially coming as late as it did.

While preserving the “integrity” of examinations is important ZIMSEC was violating the law and the constitution in requiring and torturing students. So in an imperfect compromise the court ordered last year’s results to be based on paper 1 marks.

ZIMSEC should be sued for damages

While most people welcome this case and Minister Paul Mavima has accepted the court’s ruling this should not be the end of the matter. ZIMSEC should be sued for damages. Basing the mark on paper 1 means people who could have passed are now failing and essentially have to rewrite.

Those who suffered through this week should launch a class action suit against this incompetent board. It is shocking that the board despite acknowledging their errors simply gave its members a slap on the wrist.

I can assure you this year in November there will be leaks. Right now teachers are busy doing tasks on behalf of their students with impunity. Whoever the idiot thought continuous assessment was a good idea should be ashamed. I give this whole task nonsense a year before it goes to hell.