In one of articles last year we talked about Mr. Jacob Zuma. The South African president appeared to have so many lives it would put a cat’s supposed nine lives to shame. The man seemed to be made out of  Teflon in that no matter how many scandals he took pgart in or orchestrated he seemed to thrive with no accountability whatsoever. Now it seems his time has come to an end.

The age of strongmen

Although few people will say it Zuma is one of those original populist of the age that has produced people like Donald Trump. He rode to office in a populist support driven by a few vocal individuals even though he has nothing that qualifies him for the office of president.

In the post truth age scandals like his manifold corruption charges that were pending in courts were seen as positives rather than negatives. The man much like the U.S’s president Trump struggled to articulate his policy perhaps because there was no policy to talk of. He liked to chant songs laced with racist undertones in a bid to whip up his base.

Polarization and partisanship

Zuma like Trump is a polarizing figure those who (used to) love him tend to be poor and uneducated and from rural farming communities. Despite being seemingly hated by everyone he found a way to win a second term. An investigation by the public prosecutor found him guilty and yet his party protected him.

Fear of loss finally did him

Like in the U.S there is an impending election and an unprecedented loss caused the idiot President’s party enough sleepless nights they finally decided to get rid of him. The hope is that by the time the election comes people would have forgotten how the ANC was complicit in enabling Zuma to corrode public trust in government.

It is doubtful Republicans in the U.S will get rid of Trump this year but it seems the age of strongmen is coming to an end after two years in which they caused upheaval and concern world over. With their uncultured remarks and crude partisan policies designed exploit cracks in democracy and to grab power.

This is all reminiscent of Hitler and Mussolini’s time but for now it seems Zuma’s day of reckoning is finally come.