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Econet disables the *151*# shortcut following hoax

During this week worrying news spread like wildfire through WhatsApp groups and Facebook. You could hack someone's Ecocash account simply by dialing *151*#. Doing this would allow you to access someone's Ecocash top menu without a pin. Ecocash top level menu This what you used to get when you dialed *151*#. It is the same menu you get [...]

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Ecocash partners with Untu-Capital to bring Money Markets to the masses

EcoCash has partnered a Untu-Capital a local micro finance company. The partnership will allow members of the public to purchase bonds from the Financial Securities Exchange using Ecocash. What is a bond? Is a legal document (could also be in electronic format) that is issued by a company in exchange for money say $100 i.e. a debt instrument. The person [...]

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Econet’s deformed Ecocash App

We all love mobile banking and Ecocash but I don't know about you but I am tired of USSD codes. It seems every time I have to make a transaction I have to contend with a bucket load of numbers just so I can buy a drink. Sometimes I miss the cash days. Ecocash USSD Surely there has [...]

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Kwese launches online store

Yesterday afternoon Kwese officially launched their online store for Zimbabwe. The store allows you to purchase a decoder installation kit and have it delivered to your home. You can also pay your monthly subscription online. Buying a decoder from the comfort of your home To be honest one of the reasons why I have not yet tried Kwese myself is [...]

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Zimbabwe’s financial systems buckling under pressure

The year long Zimbabwean cash crisis has seen more and more people resorting to plastic money and mobile money. The processing systems however are struggling to handle the rising demand. About two weeks ago the inter-bank processing system Zimswitch suddenly went offline leaving thousands of people stranded. Zimswitch allows shops and businesses to use swipe machines from their own banks [...]

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Ecocash calculations made easy

Ecocash has become more popular than cash these days. We all know however how hard it is to make those calculations. When the cash crisis started most businesses in my area shrugged it off and insisted on cash only transactions. Then they evolved and demanded as much as 20% premium on all non cash transactions. Now for the most part [...]

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Using ‘miracle money’ is it a crime?

A 27 year old South African Sibongile Mani woke up with R14 million ( over $1 million USD) windfall in her account and went on a spending spree. Did she commit a crime? It's a story that has been discussed countless times. What would you do if you woke up with a million dollars mistakenly deposited into your account? Would [...]

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Steward Bank Zimbabwe lifts MasterCard limits

After Econet announced that they were suspending online MasterCard transactions Steward Bank, a member of the Econet group has taken a different tack. You can now make international transactions of up to $10 000 per month. It is entirely up to you how you spend this $10 000. Before you take your debit card and go on a wild spree, [...]

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