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Zuma’s impending day of reckoning

In one of articles last year we talked about Mr. Jacob Zuma. The South African president appeared to have so many lives it would put a cat's supposed nine lives to shame. The man seemed to be made out of  Teflon in that no matter how many scandals he took pgart in or orchestrated he seemed to thrive with no [...]

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A week of fear, hope and confusion

Vladimir Lenin the Communist is attributed with the quote  “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” By this standard Zimbabwe has gone through decades just this past week. This time last Monday we woke up with the sinking feeling that Grace Mugabe the President's wife who had clear designs on the Presidency would inevitably [...]

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The State vs O’Donovan

After weeks of memes about how Zimbabwe now has a Minister of Whatsapp the Zimbabwean government have fired a warning shot. Late last week the Zimbabwean police arrested a 25 year old US citizen: Martha O’Donovan. What is her supposed crime? Charge Sheet for Martha O’Donovan Miss  O’Donovan works for Magamba TV network a local production house that creates [...]

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